Last reminder for the je_united exchange

Hello everyone,

it's the last reminder for our this years je_united exchange. Come and join to make the party even bigger :D

we want to invite you to the this years je_united exchange. It's our second time we start this exchange, and we really hope to see a lot of you there <3

You can join here, in the sign up post:


If you don't know exactly what an exchange is, or how our exchange work out, read the rules here:


We hope to see you there,
Maya & Cheryll

Reminder - One week left for sign ups

Heeelllooooo mina-san,

just a reminder that the sign ups for the je_united exchange are still open. There is one week left - on the 2nd of October the sign up doors will be closed ;). So we hope you decide to come by and join the fun with us :D

And for those of you who don't know what it is, check the rules and the FAQ post.

We hope to see you, let us know if you have questions. Write a PM to je_all_together, or to one of our mods: maya02, ch3ryll, yume_no_ai

We hope to see you,
Yume, Cheryll and Maya.

je all together exchange

Hello everyone,

we wanted to start a general Johnny's exchange, because we miss the chance to have a "all-together-in-one-exchange" exchange ;)

Sign ups are open from today till October, because we know that there are some other exchanges running now. So don't worry, writing time starts, when all other exchanges are already done.

We would really love to see a lot of people there, and we can start a Johnny all together party.