some fanfics

Title: Shower fun
Characters: Nikaido, Kitayama
Rating: NC17
Summary: Not even in the shower can Nikaido masturbate in peace, and Kitayama proves rather conclusively that it is possible to assert ones dominance by taking it up the ass.
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Title: Shedding
Pairing: Yokoo/Nikaido
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yokoo is a werewolf, Nika is a werebunny. Yokoo is not amused when he comes home to find his bed covered in rabbit hair.

"I humped your pillow. It smelled like you and my little bunny-mind couldn't resist~" )

Title: Appreciate
Pairing: Kitayama/Totsuka
Rating: NC17
Summary: Hasshi is still underaged, and Tottsu might be the only one who is allowed to wake Kitayama up. Kisumai and anyone else who wanders in really don't mind watching.

"Help me, Hiromitsu!" Totsuka pleaded, desperation filling his usually so mild voice, "Screw my brains out before I do something I'll regret!" )

[Mod post] Poll new layout

Hi minna, it's your very active mod Naku-chan here. I am so happy because this community grew so much. I have been very into taking photo the last six monthes so I haven't managed this comm. at all*cries* Like some of you have realized so has I begun to do new layouts and I wonder what kind of Ki-My-Ft2 layout you want.

Poll #1434672 Which layout do you want?

Which layout do you want me to do as the new layot to this comm?

HiroSuke layout
Group layout
Single person layout

If you chose another, what sort of layout do you want related to kisumai?

I'll now be more active on this comm. and begin to write new Kisumai fics.
I hope you will not leave and continue to spread the kisumai love.
Most g oto sleep, it's very late but I felt I needed to show you guys that I still want to work on this comm. and fangirling over well-written kisumai fics.
See ya:D

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Title : Itazura na kiss  ( simply put randomly )
Author : Nana
Pairing : Fujigaya Taisuke x Kitayama Hiromitsu  ( Hirosuke )
Rating : Romance / general..LMAO
Warning : un-beta-ed..will send this to Izzi but I need to post this first...can't wait..LMAO again ^^;;
Summary : the first's all started with a kiss ♥

ann : i know I am spamming now..for posting in three  diff community..sorry T_T


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MOD POST- thank you

Hello to all members. First of all I would like to say thank you for joining us. Hopefully we can make this thread alive..please post any fics realted to Kisumai that you have..
we can share it here. Ne?
just by the link also can..and even it was crossposted..we wouldn't mind.

and JHDAJKGK;ADFHLKFJN;KJ  to our head-mod because of the SUPER HEADER ( biased for Nikaido of course )..and pretty layout. Now if you have any suggestion, can directly ask to the mod.

Lets' spread Kisumai love together.. !!!!

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Fics~Panties story ^_^ (hirosuke one-shot)

Title : Panties story ( bad title..)
Author : Nana
Pairing : Kitayama Hiromitsu x Taisuke Fujigaya ( HIROSUKE )
Rating : PG-13
Warning : un-beta-ed and very very bad english
Summary : when Yokoo tell the rest of Kisumai about what happen on RyoUchi house..
A/N : Well..this is some kind related with NOT SO ORDINARY ( RyoDa ) fics that I made previously ^_^;;...and sorry for all the lames-ness..God !! I need more talent onegai T_T

read here

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(no subject)

Kitayama Hiromitsu         { One More Time }
Miyata Toshiya                  { First Sweet Kiss }
Nikaido Takashi                { Hana Inu Koi }
Fujigaya Taisuke               { I'll Stay With You }
Senga Kento                      { Valentine }
Yokoo Wataru                   { Ice Cream }
Tamamori Yuta                 { My Girl }

All fics are written by me ayaryo and all fics are the members X OC which are girls. I called this KISSUMAI LOVEATHON. XD
All fics are unbetaed and I'm sorry for all the spelling mistake since English is not my mother tongue.
Comments are love and I hope soon the hot cute guys especially my HIRO will DEBUT!

This fic is a special one, and i love it so much even though its a crap.

Miyata Toshiya & MirAya {
Zuuto Issho Ni }

And this is a fic i wrote for a dear friend, and the longest fic for now. The last chapter contain a hentai scene, I mean NC17 or smut and may not be suitable for those under age (like me!) XD

Nikaido Takashi & Nana { Promise }

And this is the first yaoi i ever wrote, but it's just a simple one. I'm still not up to the yaoi smut yet, not now though XD
someday i would!

Fujigaya Taisuke & ??? {
Free Time }

And the link won't lead you straight to fic, since i'm an ass
quite lazy, but it lead you to all the fic.