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[Oneshot] Our first kiss

Title: Our first kiss
Author: Kisumai_love
Pairing: SenSuke
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Senga and Taisuke have been together for about three months but they haven't kissed yet.
So Taisuke begins to feel uneasy about their relationship.

"Senga, how are you today?"
Hiro gives his kouhai a gentle backhug.
"I am fine, but I think Taisuke is not feeling well." Senga answers and looks worried on his boyfriend.
Taisuke seems to be bothered by something.
When Senga look back on these three months they have been together Taisuke has been a bit shy but even uneasy in some ways.
But Senga cannot catches up what he has missed that Taisuke maybe wants him to understand.
He sighs and goes over to his boyfriend and hugs him tightly.
He feels the best when he smells his boyfriend's odor and strong body against him.
"Gomene Tai-chan, but I do not know what to do to get you feel well again."
"Kiss me, kiss me just once and I will be all right again."
Taisuke gently ends the hug, still holding on Senga's shoulders as he pushes Senga away within a length of arms.
He feels like to break down, he has longer after this but he has not heart to force Senga to share a kiss between them.
Senga is still young and pure and he wants him to stay that way.
"If I do it, will you feel well again?" Senga asks with a shy smile in his face.
Gomene Senga, but I cannot resist longer, Taisuke thinks and place a passionate kiss on Senga's lips.
He feels how Senga ends the kiss but does not push him away, instead he leans closer to his ear and whisper; "My biggest wish has been granted."
Taisuke feels how his heart jumps over a beat.
Did he really hear those words?
Was Senga's biggest wish to be kissed like that?
"Senga, what did you just say?" Taisuke whispers.
The glance he gets does his heart beat faster and faster.
Senga's red cheeks and his shy smile are a few of those things he loves about Senga.
They have been together for three months and this is one of the best moments they share.

“Finally ne Fujigaya? You have longed for this right?” Miyata teasingly push Fujigaya in the side. Everyone knows that he did not want to force a kiss on Senga, their youngest member. “But do not you guys think he wish for something else to ne?” Tamamori winks towards his friend. Both Nikaido and Kitayama chuckles while Senga becomes quit red in his face and Fujigaya, well he just glares at his friends. Some details should be keep in the dark. Especially when he has such innocent boyfriend.
“It is okay Tai-chan, it is just I does not know what to say back.” Senga whispers shyly in his boyfriend’s ear and hides his embarrassed face in his neck. To tell the truth he is not so innocent, it just that he does not want anyone else to know that. He just want the one he loves would know.
Fujigaya smiles and pats his boyfriend on his head. Right now he just happy to have his most important person by his side. Whatever happens or how long time everything will take he will always love him, his most important person, Senga Kento.

The End
Tags: oneshot, sensuke
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